December 28th, 2009

Roy/Hughes het shield

Come play in my sandbox!

(Edit: Yeah, um, I just realized I've told practically no one about this site yet. It's an FMA listing for fanworks - fics, art, and AMVs - that I put together to practice PHP. It's work related, really. The learning PHP part, that is. The site, not so much.)

So, I meant to spend the day catching up and stuff? Yeah, spent all day playing with PHP instead ^^;. But! The site is up and live! Go create user ids! Make new items! Add comments! Play in my database! The layout and design is really basic right now, but all the PHP and mySQL should be working. I haven't tested it on anything but my own computer so I really want to know if it works on PCs and in IE, etc. Plus, I want it populated. I've gone though my own links, but I'm really bad about saving things.

You should be able to edit any comments you make. Any other edits I have to go into the back-end or log in with my "admin" account. But let me know if there's anything you think needs fixing.