December 21st, 2009


Christmas and such

Edit: Oh yeah, and happy solstice! Let's hear it for the rebirth of the sun!

Basement cat  tempts you with shinies
moar funny pictures

Sorry I haven't been around too much! I feel like I've been really bad with the commenting and I haven't even looked at the chat room or AIM. I've been spending the day trying to get ready for Christmas and spending the evenings beading. As you can see I was getting help with the photographing ^_^. I've got several things photographed, now I just need to settle on some prices and set up the shop. Which probably won't happen until after Christmas, at this rate.

My mom is starting to feel the Christmas pressure. I think I'm in denial. I need to wrap what presents I have and beg forgiveness for the ones I don't. Otherwise, I need to clean the house.

Hope everyone's weathering the stress.