December 16th, 2009

. . .

Not sure what to think about this...

Okay, weird. I just went out to go run errands, and the driver's door on my car was no only unlocked, but unlatched. Locking it is a pretty automatic habit for me, but the last time I drove it I got in pretty late. Not likely - very unlikely - but possible. I noticed the glovebox was open, but I'd just gotten gas and filled my tires, so I could have left that open. But again, not very likely.

Then I noticed the ashtray was open. I don't remember the last time I've even touched the ashtray.

Then I sat down, and found the seat had been moved back.

Last time I took the car out was Saturday. Mom and I were both home all day Sunday, I was home Monday, we were both home yesterday. That doesn't mean we would have noticed if someone had gone through the car, but - why was the seat moved back? Maybe they were thinking I'd stashed something underneath?

It's kinda amusing, though, because 1)I'm not in the habit of keeping valuables in my car, and 2)it's such a mess you'd never find them anyway. They probably took one look at the glovebox - which is stuffed with napkins, mechanic's receipts, and old tapes - and gave up. The only thing that might remotely be of interest to anyone is the car charger for my phone, and it was still there.

I want to talk to my mom so see if she's noticed anything, but she probably would have told me already.

Still don't get why the seat was moved.

Edit: The only things that were in the ashtray - two years-old parking stubs from the Renaissance Faire - were between the seats, like someone had swiped them out of the tray. This seems like teenagers and enough kids go by our house to make it likely, but I really don't think I left the door unlocked.