November 12th, 2009

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Oh, Scholastic...

Scholastic U.S. reverses decision to ban book
... In a letter sent to her publisher, Amulet Books, Scholastic’s book fairs division asked her to clean up the relatively mild language and to change the two same-sex parents to a straight couple. “The other issues [Scholastic had problems with] – words like ‘crap’ – just made me shake my head and laugh,” said Myracle. “But the idea that two moms could be problematic ... well, astonished would be the best way to describe my reaction.” ...

Now, why am I thinking that complaining about words like "crap" was a case of "we have to find something else to take issue with so we don't look quite so homophobic!"

Interestingly, Scholastic Canada didn't have an issue with the book.