September 16th, 2009


Random post on spelling

Word and Scrivener disagree on whether it's "nicknacks" or "knickknacks". But then, Word also doesn't like "grey" or "judgement" (or "thunked"), so I think I'm going to go with Scrivener on this one. Besides, "knickknacks" has far too many Ks, it looks awkward and stuttery. (Incidentally, Safari's spellcheck doesn't have a problem with any of those words - except for "stuttery", which I think isn't actually a word - but Safari also lets "kinda" and "gonna" get through.)

(LJ's spellcheck, on the other hand, dislikes "nicknacks", "judgement", "thunked", "stuttery", and "spellcheck". It's fine with "kinda" and "gonna". It wants me to change "nicknacks" to either "nicknack's" or "knickknacks", which really doesn't make much sense. "Nicknack" can be possessive, but not plural?)