September 13th, 2009

Ed reading - kanji


Ha! I found out how to display the non-printing characters in Scrivener! They're called "invisibles"! This makes me absurdly happy. And I'm well aware of the "absurd" part. But whenever I opened a document in Word for formatting, I'd react with, "oh, hello non-printing characters, I missed you~~" But now they're right there - in blue! - in my Scriv. file, and I can oogle them all I want.

::Cough:: I appear to have some weird typography kink...?

I printed out chapter 3 for a read-over but somehow haven't gotten to it c_c;. I will pick it up tomorrow, promise. In the mean-time, at least I got my current kink!meme fic moving again. I don't even know why it was stuck, it just kinda was. But it's moving, and hopefully I'll be able to wrap it up before long and start on the next one. And then get back to the WIPs I've left hanging.