August 18th, 2009



I realize I'm out of step with most people on the community art sites, in that I comment much more than I +fav. In fact I fav very rarely. I mean, they're supposed to be my favorites, right? It takes a lot more than a "oh hey, that's cool" reaction for something to be a favorite. I also - speaking from the other side - like getting comments much more than +favs, so that's the way I operate. It's not that I don't appreciate favs, but being one of fifty pictures the person added that day sort of lessens the impact. Plus, they're impersonal, and don't convey any feedback other than "I liked this."

I also sometimes have the urge to say, "out of all my artwork, you're +fav'ing that piece of crap?" But I realize it's a totally subjective process and there's no accounting for taste. But I start feeling more than a little cynical when quick doodles get more attention than the pieces I worked my ass off on.

Part of me is saying that I should be thankful for what little I get. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for any and all feedback. But the lack of rhyme and reason makes me cynical at times.