August 17th, 2009

Ed reading - kanji

hungry black hole

There's a black hole in our house that eats organza. It eats other fabric, too, but it seems to have a particular liking for organza. We bought a couple lengths of silk organza at Berkeley a few years back, and haven't been able to lay hands on it since. More recently I bought (I'm pretty sure) some polyester organza for the Lust costume I'm (perpetually) working on, and now it's also nowhere to be found. It's not like the polyester stuff is that expensive. The annoying thing about the silk is that Berkeley is the closest place to get it.

I need the organza for the gloves. I've finished the skirt, but I need to get the right bra before I can refit the bodice (it's going to be two pieces - I couldn't find a good strapless dress pattern), so I guess I could say it's a third done. The skirt was the easy part, though. The fabric is - perhaps appropriately - sinfully luxurious but a pain to work with. It sort of has to be teased into submission, but once it's there it's gorgeous. But it means I'm not going to try to finish this on any sort of deadline.

I have a million and one other things to be doing as well, anyway.