July 30th, 2009

sleepy Ed

(no subject)

I think it might finally maybe be getting through my head that silence is not automatically negative. This is a rather odd time to be realizing this, since - unrelated to the internet - I have been in a not very good mood lately. (Part of my grumpiness is due to the fact that I'm working 6 days this week. Not full days, most of them, but still.) But as grumpy as I've been, I haven't been emoing over things like I would have in the past. So, yay, progress.

I attempted to write yesterday, and everything was just coming out flat. Like, "this happened. Then this happened. He said this. Then this happened." kind of flat. I dunno, I just sort of wrote eloquence off as a loss and figured getting the events down was still progress, and I could go back later and make it look nice. But geez, it's aggravating. Where did my words go?