June 16th, 2009

One of those days


Writing has ... not been happening, the last several days. Work has been crazy busy with the summer reading game starting, but I was off Sunday and today and just .. haven't been able to write. I got a little done on Sunday, but nowhere near what I wanted. It's not that I don't know what's going to happen, the plot actually resolved itself fairly well Sunday, but when I sit down to write everything that tries to come out is flat and clunky. Like I've regressed back to high school or something.

I read over some of my fics and parts of them read like a tennis shoe in the dryer. And I think, why didn't anyone tell me this was awkward? Then I remember that most people are afraid to leave negative comments. And I start thinking that everyone's just being nice and is too polite (or scared) to tell me it sucks. And, oh yeah, did I mention I've kinda been in one of my "the internet fucking SUCKS" moods lately?

Really, though, I think I've been worn out from work and either allergies or a mild cold/flu (probably allergies), which hasn't been the best for my mood OR any sort of thinking.

I did get a tiny bit of painting done today, so it wasn't all wasted. I really should wash my watercolor palette, though, it's running out of clean places to mix colors. And now my wrist hurts.