May 25th, 2009

sleepy Ed


We didn't even push that hard this year - and only went two days +Friday evening - but somehow we're both exhausted. My mom has the excuse of essentially being out of town 5 days a week, thanks to her job, but I didn't even any hours last week.

Anyway, we both really enjoyed the con. We didn't do a whole lot of people-watching and didn't get any pictures - we realized that neither of us was in the mood this year - and didn't go to the masquerade, but we saw some good costumes this year. Mostly the usuals, but I saw one Princess Tutu, which was cool.

We spend most of our time in the panels. A couple on web comics, which were more interesting than I thought they were going to be. One on resin casting, which was really neat. We went to one on anime influences on American cartoons, which was not as coherent or informative as we had hoped, but was interesting from a sociological point of view. The presenters really didn't have anything to present, and were basically trying to do a focused discussion - which, of course, quickly lost focus. There ended up being quite a lot of audience ranting on Adult Swim and editing/censoring and what is not allowed in American cartoons and the general state of American cartoons nowadays. There's always one or two people in the crowd who think they know everything and feel obligated to share their great wisdom with the masses 9_9. But like I said, it was interesting.

Didn't buy much this year, just a few manga volumes and some daifuku. Being completely broke doesn't help much. But my mom bought me the "Oooh, Shiny!" shirt we both liked from last year. I wanted to get a Hughes/Roy doujinshi but it was beyond my petty cash, and I didn't feel right getting Mom to buy that for me ^^;;. Another time.