May 18th, 2009

Ed reading - kanji

Brotherhood - again

Wait, wait - did they just cut out that whole scene between Lust and Marcoh? What? That scene was rather important for several reasons. When it wasn't in ep. 6 I was hoping they'd moved it to ep. 7, but it barely got a mention.

I'm really disappointed with their storytelling decisions. It seems that if it isn't an action sequence, then they rush to get through it. Um, hello? It's the characters and the story that make FMA so great. But even aside from that, they're condensing it to the point where key elements of the plot and story no longer make sense.

So far we've had one good episode, a handful of decent ones, and a few that I'd rather pretend didn't exist. Why are people squeeing over this? FMA deserves better.
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