May 11th, 2009

Ed reading - kanji


That's two nights in a row I've dreamed of playing the guitar. I haven't picked up a guitar in, I dunno, must be 10 years now? I do kinda miss it, but I'd never be able to, now. I wasn't all that good at it, anyway, and I can't sing, so it was only ever for my own amusement. There were only a few songs I could really play. But I do miss music. (I kinda miss the piano, too, but a)we don't have one; and b)I wouldn't be able to do that now, either. Or play the flute. I might be able to manage the sax, but I think even that would be pushing it. Not that I was every terribly good at either of those.)
Ed reading - kanji

Chapter 95, OMG!

Roy angst, Roy/Maes undertones like woah, Hawkeye being, well, Hawkeye, Ed being perceptive - and the Armstrong siblings totally kicking ass - Arakawa just keeps out-doing herself.

Anyone's free to use that icon, BTW.