May 5th, 2009

Ed reading - kanji


I've set up a journal on dreamwidth. I'll still be keeping the LJ accounts, and you can comment over there using open ID. But now I need to decide how much I want to move.

How/what should I move to dreamwidth?

Switch completely, screw LJ!
Make dw a fandom journal, keep real life on LJ

How should I handle impishclawmarks, my current fic journal?

Keep the fics separate
Merge it
Keep it on LJ

I really like the layout currently on impishclawmarks and dreamwidth's styles are currently a bit sparse, but I much prefer dw's adult content filters. So, merge or keep separate? If I turn dw into a fandom journal, I'l probably merge it with the fics. But if I move over wholesale, I'm kinda leaning to keeping the fics separate.