April 27th, 2009

Ed reading - kanji


The jeans that have been sitting on the sewing table since January are finally done \o/. The pattern is almost perfect; I want to add a tiny bit more room in the seat for the next pair, but really, they fit fine. So now the question is, do I start on a)the crop pants I'll probably be wanting as soon as the weather settles down; b)the half-finished silk Ed-shirt; or c)the Lust costume that I really should get back to. I'm leaning toward c. I have this fantasy I'll get it done by Fanime XD. That means I have to re-fit the bodice, though, and probably end up having to add a panel or two. Though I should get the right bra before I do any serious fitting. That fabric is a pain to work with, but then, so is the silk.

It's so nice to have time to sew again.

(Edit: y'know, I really don't mind the ads on LJ, but when they start speaking? That's a little unnerving o_O;;)