April 13th, 2009

Ed reading - kanji

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Finally got a chance to watch the second episode. Better than the first one, that's for sure. It still felt rushed, though, and they were still trying to pack in too much information. We learn about Xing in this episode why? And we didn't see hint's of Roy's ambition - which was in the flashback in the manga - why? It's like hurry let's get though these background eps. so we can get to the real story!! When they could've just, y'know, started with the story in the first place.

One of the things the manga always had over the (first) anime was the neat and tidy way the story flowed. So now we get an anime based on the manga story line - yay! - and - they're chopping and rearranging the story all to hell.

My disappointment. It is palpable. I can only hope this stops after these first two episodes.

But little Ed and Al are so goddam adorable, even if the eyes still bug me. And Paku Romi is simply amazing, gods, I love her portrayal of Ed in Brotherhood.