April 3rd, 2009

Ed reading - kanji

White-bread Romance?

Are all romance novels White, or is it just my library? Are the romances featuring non-white characters hiding behind the anonymous covers? Even the ones with titles like "The Sicilian's Mistress" or "The Spanish Billionaire's Bride" feature awfully pale-skinned mediterraneans. Out of all the romances I've seen come across the desk, I've seen one - exactly one - that had a non-white character on the cover. It made me do a double-take, which is sad. I shouldn't be startled to see a dark-skinned Cover Hunk. Do only Caucasians get to have romance or something? If this is some sort of directed marketing attempt, it's failed, because a lot of non-white women read romances.

Anyway, off to taxes, and then to schoolwork. It's getting down to the wire, so I'm not going to be around much online. I'm still reading, but if it would take more than minimal brain function to comment, I'm probably not going to ^^;;. See everyone after the 20th.