March 27th, 2009


Sweet Charity Auction

Just a reminder that I am for sale at the Sweet Charity Auction, in the fiction section. I'm offering a Fullmetal Alchemist fic, the pairing and prompt up to the bidder. The money goes to a good cause (RAINN - the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National network), and there are plenty of writers to choose from, so bid away!
Ed reading - kanji

Paper Demon

Paper Demon only allows 8 artwork submissions a day; this may take a while ^^. Writing is all up, though. My fics are still monopolizing the front page, I guess nobody's been submitting fanfic right now. (It's probably no surprise that the bondage fic has the most hits so far, even though it's over in the Red Curtain. Or maybe because; I really don't know the community's browsing habits yet.) I should probably fill out the profile, but I kinda fail at profiles. Yay procrastination.

Edit: Good god, the formatting on In the Rough is horrible over there >_< No idea how to make it less ugly, though