March 6th, 2009

Ed reading - kanji


I was getting myself all frustrated because I couldn't find my watercolor brushes - and then I stopped and thought, hmm, maybe they're in the easel - right where I keep the watercolors.

I hate it when I outsmart myself.

Working 12-3 really takes the meat out of the day. I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate enough to start on the next competency, so I got the watercolors out instead and worked on a painting that's been sitting for months. I haven't painted in ages. In addition to eating up my writing time, school eats up all my art time, too. I can't work on most things in 10-15 minute snatches. I haven't gotten my oils out since summer. Of course it doesn't help that my wrists got really bad for a while, and I couldn't do anything, but painting is actually easier on my wrists than drawing. But still, adding in the set-up and clean-up time, especially for oils, and not much is getting done during the school year.

I like how this watercolor turned out, though. Sort of a psychedelic self portrait. I'll post it to dA once I can get it scanned.

Up to visit family tomorrow, yay!