January 15th, 2009


Hollywood needs a smack upside the head

Hollywood has always been a very trend-following and unimaginative place, but lately it seems like the movie studios aren't even trying. It's just been "Hey, Harry Potter did well! Let's see what other popular children's/YA book we can turn into movie!" These don't really bug me - it's just blatantly obvious that that's what they're doing. But now we also have: "Hey, Speed Racer did well! Let's see what other beloved anime franchise we can rape and dismember turn into a live action movie!"

Okay, I haven't seen it, but from everything I've heard, Speed Racer was a pretty good movie. The same cannot be said for the upcoming Dragonball or - gods - Cowboy Bebop movies. The Dragonball movie seems to have completely missed the point of the series. Cowboy Bebop - just, no, you can't do that story in a single movie. And the casting - I have nothing against Keanu Reeves, but he shouldn't be Spike. No.

I feel like guarding my fandoms with a bowie knife.