November 14th, 2004

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Artifact of Geekiness +1

My geek factor just went up; I bought a Gameboy. It's definitly a Cool Thing (scroll down and read the left-side rant). I can't justify it. I hardly play the games I have. And yet I've been drooling over one for months. I bought it for the Classic games. The old-school NES games like Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda. The games I spent much of my pre-teen years playing endlessly, which I can no longer play because my brother's old Nintendo doesn't work anymore.

So I bought a Gameboy Advance, and a Legend of Zelda game cartridge, and I've been playing whenever I can sneak in a few minutes. This game is so simple by today's standards, but it's so cool! The only thing that could have made it cooler is if they'd made the cartridge gold.

This Gameboy also plays original Gameboy games, which is cool. I always hated that Nintendo didn't make the Super Nintendo console backwards compatable. The strange thing is, when I put one of my original Gameboy games in the new GBA, it shows up in color. Basic colors, but still - the original Gameboy was black and white. Strange.

Oh yeah, I'm back from Scotland. Got back late Wednessday evening. It was a fun trip, if tiring. We spend a few days in Edinburgh, a day and a half or so in Oban, and then a day in Inverness and half a day in London. We saw a lot, but we also missed a lot. Next time.
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