October 12th, 2004


Not really here

I want to wear a sign around my neck at work. One side will say "I don't work Bakery." The other side will say "I don't work the floor." Maybe then people will stop asking me questions I can't answer when I busy doing other things. This will go along with the signs I want to post in front of the Deli, which include "We don't have the Sizzling Wok," "Please speak up, we have a lot of background noise," and "We cannot see where you are pointing."

The Yoplait add they've started playing at work states that "One in eight women will get breast cancer within their lifetime." Implying that it's possible to get breast cancer outside of one's lifetime? Like, say, when one is dead? Also, they really should pay more attention to their pronouns. That sentence has a singular subject ("one") with a non-ambiguous gender ("women"), so really, it shouldn't have "their."
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