September 24th, 2004


*Bashes head against wall*

That's what I feel like trying to write Silver: Part XI right now. It was the longest I've gone between finishing one chapter and starting the next, and now that I havestarted it ... things just aren't coming out smoothly *bashbashbash*. I'll deal, though. I'm not really worried, just frustrated.

Just an interesting side note, I used to - and still do, really - wonder why in a novel someone would call a chapter anything but a chapter, and wonder why in some books there weren't page breaks between chapters. The latter used to really bug me. And yet, here I am, with my chapters called "Part __" and with no page break between chapters, only a few line breaks. Why? I have no idea. It's something I started doing with my fantasy novel, and now has become tradition. Kinda amusing.

My hands smell like paint thinner and brush soap.
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Ed reading - kanji

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Oh yeah, and taken from kianacao:

If LJ Was a Renaissance Festival... by bardicwench
Festival Ownerauragirl
Head of Securitylacieldellery
Person ALWAYS Taking Pictureskurai_mori
Person With Really Bad Garbshawk
Obnoxious Drunk Guy/Girlmumumugen
Pickle Guykianacao
You Will Spend This Much Money At Faire:$281,525
You Will Have Sex This Many Times:31
You are stuck in the Parade for this many miles:5
You are always found:at the Pub
You are best known for:being drunk all of the time
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First I'm the town drunk, and now I'm found at the pub and known for being drunk? This quiz has it out for me.
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