September 14th, 2004



It was busy every night I worked last week, and so I forgot to remind my boss that I need Friday off for class. She scheduled me to work 12-9. This class is EVERY freakin' Friday. Granted this is only the fourth week of class, but if it's something that happens every week I would think she'd have it written down somewhere. I mean, that would make sense. But no. I have to keep reminding her until she remembers on her own. I left her a note on Saturday about possibly switching the day with someone else. On Monday the schedule was unchanged. She wasn't working that day, so I talked to another manager, and he said he'd talk to her today. I was expecting to switch being off today for being off Friday, but obviously that couldn't happen, so it looked like the best I could do would be to switch for the 5-10 shift on Friday. Which means I'll have to work until 10 at night after being in class from 9am to about 3. I did that once last semester and I was dead by the end of the day. Non-artists might not understand this but - painting class wears me out! It's 5 hours nearly straight of painting! And then I'm going to have to run my ass off at work for another 5 hours! Oh, and did I mention that I'm working until 10 the night before? So I'll be running on, oh, about 7 or so hours of sleep, which is not enough for me.

I stopped by the store today to see if the schedule had been changed, and it hadn't. My boss can be rather spacy at times, but I never know when it's okay to call her on it or not, because I don't like to incur her wrath. The person I would switch with on Friday is okay with it, though, so I think we're just going to switch unless our boss has some huge problem with it.

I'll hopefully get the JTAF pictures up later this week. They've been imported to the computer, but they're too big to move them all to my computer without sizing them first, and my mom's is in the hottest room in the house so I don't like to have her computer on for long periods of time during the day. Pluswhich I wanted to work on my coat.
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