August 31st, 2004

Ed reading - kanji


I stayed up too late last night talking with my brother (whom I don't get to see too often; mutual laziness and crappy schedules more than anything).

Anyway, Tales of Anime was quite fun, in a quiet sort of way. There's something to be said for small conventions. You couldn't lose someone there if you tried. Here are some of the photos. I'll get the ones from the cosplay event up later.

Posings, Subaru and Hokuto:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

me (being sneaky)

Other posings:
Kagome and Sango
Jr. and co.
Just Jr. (everyone say "awww...")
And again

Ketchup takes (we invaded a nearby Mel's Diner for lunch):
1 2 3
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