August 9th, 2004

Ed reading - kanji

Money flows freely

I just spent $260 yesterday on a new PDA. I hadn't even set out to get one. We were in Office Max to look at pencils, and I went, "As long as we're here..."
But my old PDA - a Palm m100 - was 4 years old, had started losing all its memory every time I changed the batteries, and wasn't syncing very well. It was past time to get a new one. The one I got - a Palm Tungsten E - has a color screen, something close to 30megs of memory (my old one had, like, 8), the capability for wireless internet and MP3s, and something really nifty called Documents on the Go, which allows me to write and edit MSWord files. Which means I can write on the go. How cool is that? The Palm itself was $199. The other $60 was for a wireless keyboard, which is going to make writing even easier.
I'm having fun with the new Palm. I spent last night - while not watching The 4400 - setting it up and getting all my information transfered.

In addition to that, within the next few days I'm going to be ordering a Megatokyo Flapdoozy bag along with a set of Prismacolor Verithins and watercolor pencils. The bag is because I want a sketchbook-sized tote, and this one is just extra cool. The Prismas I don't really count as spending extra, because those are going to be bought on the $50 cash award I got at the LPC art show ^_^.
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