August 6th, 2004


This and that

(The cod pieces at work are back, but sadly, we don't seem to have a sign for them anymore, so it's not quite as funny. Nobody else gets it, anyway.)

I've been kinda scarce on the internet lately. On my computer in general, actually, except for the occational time-wasting thing where I'm constantly thinking I should be doing somethen else, and yet don't. We've been busy, trying to get ready to go to Scotland, and trying to redo the hall bathroom. It started with trying to replace the faucet, which meant we needed to replace the shutoff valves under the sink, which led to needing to replace both the hot and cold water nipples, which led to needing to replace the vanity and sink, which led to deciding to replace the lenolium, which led to deciding that hell, we've needed to replace the tile in the shower stall for a long time, we might as well do it all at once, and while we're at it the toilet should be replaced, too. This is not to mention the wallpaper we've been meaning to get rid of since we moved in. So we've been going shopping for tile, vaities, sinks, and toilets, and looking at the possibility of a new bathtub, although we might not need one. I've just been, I dunno, not going online, except to check messages. I haven't been writing, either, which I keep meaning to get to, and then keep not doing. Part 11 has me kinda stumped right now. Once I figure out how to start it I should be fine, but I haven't gotten there yet.

I also need to decide what I want to do, school-wise. I need to start looking into schools and degrees and decide where I want to go and when. In addition to maybe looking for another job, since I never did plan on staying in this one long term. If the people I like to work with start to leave - and it looks like they might - then I'm leaving. Maybe I should start looking around at libraries, see if there are any openings that don't require a library science degree.
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