May 3rd, 2004



I think I've been on the computer for a total of a half hour since Thursday. I didn't turn it on at all Friday or Saturday. I just ... haven't felt like it. Which is unusual for me. I'm usually obsessive about checking my messages. But I haven't felt like doing much of anything lately. I'm not sure why.

Well anyway. I entered three pieces into this years Art Festival at Las Positas. Thing is, I won't know if any of them got in ... until the show opening(s). Which I find rather odd. I don't remember it working that way two years ago when I entered before. I'm not even sure when we're supposed to pick up work that wasn't accepted. There are two shows this year, one on campus and one in the Thompson Gallery downtown. The opening for the campus show is this Wednessday (5th), which I won't be able to go to, because I'm working. Class this Friday is a trip to the galleries in San Fransisco, so I might not be able to find out then. The Thompson Gallery opening is next week on the 13th. I might have to wait until then before I can find out if any of my three pieces even got in to either show.

The other thing I have to think about is that these are small works - 8" x 10" - and there's a good likelihood, if they do make it in, that they're going to sell. I don't really want to part with any of them, but at the same time...

That could all be academic musing, anyway, since they might not even make it in, or if they do, they might not sell.
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