March 14th, 2004

Ed reading - kanji


My belt's gotten tighter! Not by much, but it's definitly tighter! Another 5-8 or so more pounds and I'll be happy.

I just registered for FanimeCon, which is in May, over Memorial Day weekend, down in San Jose. Or rather, my mom and I registered. Now I need to remember to put the finishing touches on my Ranma-chan costume - a belt and ties for my pant cuffs.

What happened to that season called "spring"? I went straight from sleeping with a down comforter to wearing shorts outside. We went straight from winter to summer last year, too.

I'm on a search for landscapes for my painting class, and I've decided I'll even try printing something off from the web, so if anyone knows of any good landscapes, send them over. (5 paintings and stupid collages down, 5 to go.)

I found someone with some really cool fanart, for George R. R. Martin, Harry Potter, R. A. Salvatore, and Tolkien, as well as original art: DeviantArt and Elfwood. Go check her out, her pictures are wonderful.

All for now.
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