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In a very Stop the World I Want to Get Off mood. Holidays were very bittersweet, with having to take our kittygirl in on Christmas Eve and let her go. We knew it was coming, we knew when they found and removed the tumor that she wouldn't have long, but it's still never easy. But she had stopped eating and drinking and had an infection in her mouth so it was clearly time.

This on top of the stress of trying to coordinate schedules with family and the family visit itself, and being way behind on sending gifts out, and just generally ... not being happy with a lot of things right now.

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Image of Spanish text on the history of Beauty and the Beast, talking about the oldest known novel

These graphic novels have little brief histories of the fairy tale in the back, and this one says that in the oldest known written version of Beauty and the Beast, a novel by the french author Gabrielle de Villeneuve, the beast doesn't change back into a prince at the end of the story. Which makes me want to know then - how does it end?? I could find a few articles online talking about some of the other differences between Villeneuve's novel and later versions, such as the convoluted backstories she gave both the Beast and Beauty involving evil fairies, but I couldn't find one that talked about the ending.

(The original text is undoubtedly in the public domain, but am I motivated enough to find a translation? ... Maybe after the holidays.)

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FMA Fic, "Collared: Chapter 12: Eyes Wide Open"

Title: Collard: Chapter 12: Eyes Wide Open
Author: [personal profile] dragonimp
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, master/slave (though we’ve kinda left that behind at this point)
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: blood, injuries
Summary: “It’s nothing the military doesn’t already have knowledge of,”

“We’re still getting reports from Yousewell that are . . . somewhat suspect,” Grumman said as he moved his bishop to block the path of Roy’s rook. “But Central doesn’t seem concerned. I don’t think they’ve even read the last two memos I sent.”

Roy took his time considering the board. “The last unit they sent out that way never made it.”

“Yes, and we know how that worked out.”


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Ed reading - kanji

FMA Fic, "Marked", Roy/Ed, PG

Title: Marked
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, Romance
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warnings: none

Follow on to Stigma because I can't help myself.

Ed fought to keep from blacking out. The rubble and debris surrounding him only entered his awareness when it it dug into his side or scraped his hand as he shifted about trying to cling to the tiny thread of awareness. He was focused on one thing: Al. Al better be okay.

Because Ed was going to kill him.


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Ed reading - kanji

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I think most everyone already has these, but just in case:

tumblr where I spend most of my time now because that's (sadly) where everyone is

twitter (might want to give me a poke if you follow me here because twitter is REALLY BAD about telling me)

facebook where I post next to nothing and generally just apathetically stalk people (but you can get me on the chat sometimes)

Ao3 where the fic now lives

Instagram 1 (personal)

Instagram 2 (shop)

I'll still keep up my sporadic posting here until I can't, but. Just in case.

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I don't know if anyone has taken time to read LJ's new ToS (I haven't), but there's a breakdown of some of the relevant parts over on tumblr. Particularly this:

So if I'm understanding this right - and it's entirely possible that I'm not since my attention span is shit for legalese
  1. our journals are now under Russian law

  2. ALL pornography violates that law

  3. "obscene language" violates that law

  4. anything containing politics they don't like could be deemed "extremist materials" and will be violating that law

It's very likely fanfic and fanart - especially gay fanfic and fanart - is now against LJ's ToS.

I honestly don't know what to do about this. All of my stuff is backed up on DW so I'm not worried about losing the journal itself. But DW is even more of a social deadzone than LJ is now.

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