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 Facebook isn't helped by the fact that I'm pretty much afraid to comment or say anything. Anxiety hit every time.  Kinda been unconsciously operating with the notion that it's better to be distant and for all intents and purposes friendless than to over-step and say the wrong thing (once again) and alienate people (again) and be actually friendless.

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Oct. 16th, 2016

 Facebook is too superficial, tumblr is too public, and this place is too depressingly dead, so the only time I get motivation to post anywhere is when I need to vent.

So yeah, I bottomed out a couple weeks ago from an overload of stress.  And it sucked.  And it still kinda sucks, just not all the time.  But my motivation to talk about any of it or post anything personal - here or anywhere - is pretty much zero.

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FMA Fic, "Shut Up and Dance," Roy/Ed, R

Title: Shut up and Dance

Rating: R

Genre: AU, Romance

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Warnings: More pole dancing and idiots being completely shameless. And did I mention that this series is my most self-indulgent BS.

“He’s how old, Roy?”

Roy folded his arms against the bar with a sigh. “I dunno, Hughes. You tell me. You’re the one who did the background check.”

“He’s nineteen. just barely nineteen.” Hughes pointed an accusatory finger. “You turned thirty last year.”

He threw up his hands. “So tell me then, oh arbitrator of romance: what is an acceptable age gap?”

“It’s not the age difference, it’s the fact that he’s still a kid. You’re at completely different places in your lives.”

“You don’t even know him—”

“Neither do you!” his friend insisted. “You’ve talked to him, what, twice?”

“Three times.”

“Two minutes of flirting after watching him strip doesn’t count.”


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FMA Art: "Heat Wave," Roy/Ed, PG-13

For Roy/Ed week, with the prompt "heat wave"

slightly NSFW under the cutCollapse )

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Title: Ice and Rocks Were Not Part of the Plan
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance, fluff
Pairing: Roy/Ed

For: “One blanket, two frozen assholes...”


It was supposed to be a simple mission.  Just a meeting with the commander of North City, maybe an inspection of one or two of the outposts.

Ed had insisted on coming along and Roy still wasn’t sure why.  He wasn’t even full military anymore, hadn’t been since he’d come back.  But he said he’d “never been up that way,” and even though Roy had told him there wasn’t much to see except snow and more snow, here he was.  In the exact right place for his life to be in danger once again.

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FMA Art: "Umbrella", Roy/Ed, G

For Roy/Ed week, with the prompt "Umbrella"

No idea what they"re pouting over but Al is having none of itCollapse )

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FMA Fic, "Stigma," Roy/Ed, PG

Title: Stigma
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, angst
Pairing: Roy/Ed

For: “Soulmarks on the wrist/arm that Ed lost”


“I’m sorry I can’t be more help, Alphonse.”  Roy set another box on the to sell stacks by the door.  It wasn’t as if he would be needing much up north.  “And I’m sorry I’m not being a better host.”

“That’s okay, Sir,” the boy was quick to assure him.  “I’m just glad I caught you before you had to leave.”

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Title: The Hour of the Wolf

Rating: PG

Genre: angst

Pairing: Roy/Ed

Warnings: talk of depression, PTSD

For: “Vulnerabilities”


Ed stumbled out into the living room, his half-awake brain honing in on the incessant, obnoxious ringing that had woken him in the fuck-ass hours of the morning.  His feet propelled him forward as he went through his options:  he could ignore it and let Al deal with it; he could unplug the damn thing; or he could pick it up and see who it was like a responsible person.

He stared at the receiver that was now in his hand.  Guess he was going for option three.  Although now that the noise had stopped, the temptation to simply drop the phone and go back to sleep was strong.  But curiosity and the fact that so few people called—and never at this hour—finally won out, and he put the phone to his ear.  “H’lo?”


He blinked, startled awake another two notches.  He knew the voice on the other end, but something didn’t sound right.

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